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Here is what you need to know about the "Maks" family...
Where we started...
Maks Machining & Fabrication - First Shop
Maks Machining & Fabrication - First Shop 2

Towards the end of 2005, Zoran & Travis Maksimovic decided to finally start their own machine & fabrication shop; along with the help of the Maksimovic Family, Maks Machining & Fabrication was born. 

With just enough money, the Maksimovic's purchased a 3-axis CNC mill, a vertical mill, and a tool room lathe. They now needed a location, living in South Mountain, Ontario they looked close to home but became hard due to the 3phase power requirement. After finding a old building near the fair grounds, Maks was finally up and running. and producing parts for customers.


The first major issue was the building that Maks was in. The building didn't have heat, the walls were cracked straight through in sections, mold and mildew on the walls, and the electrical needed upgrading. Zoran & Travis pushed on, in their first winter they constructed a tarp coverall and heated the equipment with their BBQ.

Maks Machining & Fabrication's next step was to find a better, cleaner, healthier location.

After searching for quite some time, Zoran & Travis found a spot in the heart of the City of Brockville. This location was at the SCI building, which was a large warehouse with all the amenities they required; also provided room for expansion if needed.

After just a few years, Maks truly started to make a name for itself. This allowing the business to start to expand, with more equipment and more square footage. Maks Machining & Fabrication now took over the old maintenance location within the SCI building. Allowing for more equipment, bigger and better jobs, and to hire employee's.

Being close to Highway 401 & 416, this corridor allowed us to easily ship work to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal; the majority coming from Ottawa. After building up a strong customer base, the Maksimovic Family decided it was time to move closer to our customers and find a larger location.

Maks Machining & Fabrication was very grateful for everything that Brockville had offered and spent most of their business life there, from 2006 to 2016, but, once again was time to move.

Maks' Next Step...
Maks Machining & Fabrication - Custom Silo Jacks
Maks' 2 Ottawa Locations...
Owners of Maks Machining & Fabrication
Maks Machining & Fabrication's 2 Haas VF2 CNC milling centers.

In the fall/winter of 2016, Zoran located a spot in Ottawa's East end industrial park near Sheffield Road. Thus started yet again another quick move due to the seasonal weather.

It did not take much for Maks Machining & Fabrication to establish themselves in their new location. This also helped with visitng and delivering items to their customers, as well as establishing relationships with many new customers and suppliers.

After just over 2 years at their Ottawa location, the Maksimovic Family expanded to a 2nd shop; splitting the CNC and general machining in the main location (2535 - 103 Blackwell Street) and welding and fabrication at the 2nd location (2575 -101 Blackwell Street). With this came more equipment, the main shop now houses 8 CNC mills (3 and 4 axis), manual equipment, and the main office. Our 2nd location houses our welding equipment (MIG, TIG, ARC), our CNC plasma table, brake press, manual mill, and manual lathe.

Maks Machining & Fabrication is becoming very well known across the Ottawa and surrounding area's now, and look forward to providing excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and keeping up with technology.


Maks Machining & Fabrication -  Custom Front Desk
Maks Machining & Fabrication's - CNC Plasma Table
Maks Machining & Fabrication - Welding
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